To the beautiful babe reading this...

I am here to provide an experience that will leave you feeling sexy, empowered, confident and full of love for yourself, both physically and mentally.

I have photographed women of all walks of life, of all different shapes + sizes. From moms, to doctors, to teachers, to young women, singles, widows, you name it, our clients do it!

You do not have to look a certain way, or be of a certain career or anything else to do a boudoir session. You deserve to feel beautiful and confident in the woman that you are, right here and NOW. This why I do what I do, because my biggest purpose in this life is to positively impact as many womens confidence as I can through my art. I cannot wait to meet you and show you that YOU ARE ART, in our studio.

XO, Cass

Why book a boudoir shoot?

As women, I think we all can agree that from time to time, we struggle with genuine, deep love for ourselves + our bodies, and it can affect other areas of our lives + relationships without realizing it. Boudoir gives you the opportunity to let loose, and see yourself through someones else eyes for all you ARE instead of all you are not. Plus, its a full day self-love day from the second you step into the hair +makeup studio. it gives you time for yourself without any distractions.

"I'm not confident enough to book a boudoir shoot..."

Confidence comes FROM doing the boudoir shoot!!! I get it... you're probably thinking, "you really think getting half naked in front of is stranger is gonna boost my confidence?!" and yes, I know so because it has for every. single. one. of my clients! but... I also promise I will no longer be a stranger by the time your session rolls around, as I will be chatting with you so much, helping you out leading up to the session day. It is my promise to you that I will be able to show you everything you love about yourself, even if it does not yet feel that way in this very moment . We all have confidence in ourselves, it just a matter of uncovering it.

"If you are looking for quality photography with the highest level of professionalism I would highly recommend Cassie as a photographer. From the moment I stepped into the room she made me feel welcome and comfortable. The images that she captured of me are beautiful and powerful."

Karissa A.

I could not possibly recommend Cassie enough. Not only are the quality of the images breath taking, she genuinely loves what she does and it shows throughout the entire process. She makes you feel so comfortable and welcomed, and can turn truly anyone into a model. 10/10 will use her for the rest of my life.